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About Concations

Concations is an event organizer that creates magical, kinky con-vacations.

Concations was founded in 2015 and has since produced over 50 events, including seven international events in Jamaica. Our goal is to combine sexy events that bring people together, build connection and community, provide educational opportunities, and create bucket-list, dream vacations of a lifetime. 

Our Ethics: Diversity, Inclusion, Consent, & Professionalism:


ConCations endeavors to acknowledge and embrace diversity, convey respect to all people, be sensitive to differences, promote equal opportunities, and to provide the highest standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism, safety, consent protocol, and inclusion.  ConCations is wholly inclusive of all people of all genders regardless of their identifications, race/ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, expressions, or orientations, their bodies, their beliefs, values, fetishes, kinks, or lifestyle, or their abilities or disabilities.

This list is not exhaustive.

Our Brands:              

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